The Invocation to the Red Heifer

I think as we get closer to the burning of this red heifer we will start seeing more and more of these type of invocations. I spotted two yesterday without even looking for it. The first is from the new Carl's Jr. commercial. "Happy Unleashes The Monster". Happy is the name of the star and... Continue Reading →

The Black Fabric Rope Initiation

Baseball came back in full vengeance July 23, 2020 with both the Dodgers/Giants organizations and Yankees/Nationals organizations taking the BLM field. That's right. The MLB is now the BLM. They strategically placed a BLM MLB logo on the pitchers mound for opening day. I'm guessing it will be seen for a few games or who... Continue Reading →

©¤Г¤n@ nuggets

Masking Your Heart The mask over the mouth isn't the problem. It is the mask (veil/vail) over the heart. It has always been a sin problem. Not a ©¤^!d problem. "Therefore, having such hope, we use great boldness of speech—and not as Moses, who put a veil over his face so that the sons of... Continue Reading →

The Maskulinity Cult

You are witnessing human alchemy in real time through a ritual of a mask. It is Carl Jung's "Becoming Osiris". Let me explain, not from my words but by the Word of God. Mystery Babylon Revelation 17:5 And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY (musterion), BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND... Continue Reading →

PHL 293b has vanished

Recently a story came out that a star called PHL 293b has suddenly disappeared. According to reports, this star was located in Aquarius (the water bearer ♒) and they believe it can't be seen due to either dust or it got swallowed by a black hole. Now this initially raised my red flags because of... Continue Reading →

Demon Virus: Mo Wuhuang

The virus is digital and the pandemic is mental illness. For those with really short memories. Chinese President called coronavirus a "demon virus". A demon in Chinese is a mo. Remember momo? Just a hoax right? Invocation. Then there is Nüwa. The feminine deity goddess that created creation. She repaired a pillar back to heaven... Continue Reading →

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