Mount of Corruption: part 2

I want you to pay special attention to what I'm about to say. On September 27th, 2019 the Edomite Jews offered a Noahide sacrifice to their god at the Southern point of Mount of Olives. This particular area is known as Mount Corruption based on Solomon letting his pagan wives offer sacrifices to Chemosh and... Continue Reading →

Cerberus: The Son Of Albert

The City of Taft recently has had to dump the project of putting in a Grocery Outlet because of a lawyer by the name of Tal Finney (Finney Arnold LLP), who is said to support a fictitious group of local Taft citizens called "Keep Taft Great". Originally the only physical person who has showed up... Continue Reading →

The Stimulus of What?

Don't let the "stimulus" money fool you. It is to condition you for a Universal Basic Income. A socialist state is a work in progress that will soon turn Communist, but please don't think it's new here. Social Security is a Socialist device. Welfare is. Drivers license are. The list goes on but many have... Continue Reading →

Stay At Home? No

There is a reason they want you to stay in your home. It is not to protect you from anything but to make you more susceptible to these frequencies that are put forth. (And that's not the only reason, it is a psychological war at this point.) These frequencies are strong in your house. It... Continue Reading →

Their Second Passover Ritual

The Sanhedrin wasn't able to do their "required" Passover sacrifice on the Temple Mount due to the "virus" shutting everything down. They have now turned to the second Passover which falls on May 7th in order to get this slaying of a lamb done. The interesting thing about this ritual is that it will be... Continue Reading →

PIXEL: The Great DNA Grab

Why is Gavin Newsome pushing testing and needing the "specimen" in order to lift the "stay at home" orders? It is a DNA grab. This is why you are to wear a mask in public so the AI algorithms can get the retinal scan it needs to surveil you. DNA and AI. New best friends.... Continue Reading →

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