The Fruit and Catching Away Connection

I was doing a word study last night in Genesiss 3 and came across this. Very cool. Eve PLUCKED the fruit (perı̂y in Hebrew and karpos in Greek) and ate the fruit. Perı̂y in paleo photograph means "to open the head" and is associated to a bull/heifer treading the seeds for harvest. When Adam ate... Continue Reading →

D20: Baphomet and Jupiter

The D20 logo. The obvious is there. The sideways baphomet in the D. When turned right side up, you can see it. D20. You also have 420 (the D is 3 and the 20)and DB is 2 and O is zero(0) that is deciphered. D is dalet meaning door. Dalet used alone is symbolic for... Continue Reading →

The Great Eclipse of 2024/5784

I have mentioned before that if this red heifer is burnt after the first or on the first of 1 Tishri 5781/9-18-20, the 1290 days of Daniel would come near the date og the great eclipse of the United States that goes South to North East. This will make an X across the country that... Continue Reading →

The Red Heifer Abomination cover

The cover to my new book. I was wanting to have it published by August 28th but it doesn't look like that is happening. Hopefully soon though.It was done by Victor Paul.And here is the back cover by my daughter.

Two Year Old Red Heifer: Magick

The Temple Institute has said that this red heifer needs to be only 2 years old. They are wrong. Even their writings clearly say 3 years old, not 2. Why? Because it becomes a heifer at 3 and at 2 it is still considered a calf. Cattle ranchers will tell you this. R. ELIEZER RULED:... Continue Reading →

Dots 1 & 2

Dot one. This is what radiation looks like on your toes it's called chilblains or pernio it's common in radiation. Yes, chilblains on the toes are now covid toes?! What? Nope they're radiation side effects and they're calling it covid toes. Dot two. Side by side comparisons of lungs. Radiation pneumonitis Covid Lung "Very like... Continue Reading →

Where is Bill Gate’s Mask?

Let's do a social experiment. Share this meme. Can @snopes @reuters @Facebook @Twitter debunk this meme and prove the internet wrong? Read these excerpts from the newest "Gates the blasphemer" interview. On vaccinations, "For the rich world, we should largely be able to end this thing by 2021, and for the world at large by... Continue Reading →

Few Thoughts on Frequencies

Something occured to me this morning. It is a known fact that frequency ranges cause problems with human bodies and 5G has been said to cause "flu like symptoms". This is where people originally got the idea that "coronavirus" was being caused by 5G frequency ranges. I agree. What I didn't agree with is that... Continue Reading →

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