I wonder if Jonah got called a hypocrite?

I've quit sharing things with people over the years because of people throwing things back in my face. "You think you're better than anyone else. You think you sit on some sort of pedestal. You're nothing but a hypocrite." Yep I've been told that. And everytime my flesh goes, yep maybe they are right, and... Continue Reading →

The Real “Elite”

We always hear about the elite of this world and the small group of men or women that rule the entire world. But have you ever looked at the etymology of the word elite? It literally means the choice or select body ie the best part. Once you define "elite" then that will tell you... Continue Reading →


Therefore his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. (John 11:3)Jesus wept. Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him! (John 11:35-36)Anyone reading John 11 and believes that the Gospel of John was written by John the disciple, the brother of James, the fisherman, one of the Sons... Continue Reading →

Days Mean Something

3 BC has always been my go to date for the birth of Jesus according to the Revelation 12 sign lining up perfectly. And His death seems to point to 34 BC with the Passover falling on the first month on the 14th day. Passover started on the 1st month on the 14th day according... Continue Reading →

Passover just passing us by

Jesus was crucified on 14 Nisan fulfilling the Passover, and in my opinion, fulfilling the redemption of what Adam did on that same day after Creation. They were all held on the same day. It says Mary was in the GARDEN tomb early on the 1st day of the week when it was still dark.... Continue Reading →

MessengerRNA: now and then

We know from the very beginning that these mRNA injections were very very bad. We knew that they would not only kill people (which they did) but they would literally change the biology of the body. I wrote three years ago about how these injections were actually gene therapy shots using CAS9, that were not... Continue Reading →

The Rainbow and the Second Coming

As I looked at this rainbow of color, I'm reminded that God will never flood the earth again and judge the entirety of humanity (except for those 8). That's exactly what He told Noah He would never do. But to us, that seems like the simple explanation. I wonder when Noah saw that first rainbow,... Continue Reading →

Another thought on Thanatos…. Death

These are just thoughts....Once again, I'm thinking about the construct and concept of death. Death is inevitable and that one guarantee for every single human. Death is fearful for most that they fear dying. Jesus conquered death at the cross and we await for the final judgement for Him to put death under His feet... Continue Reading →

Commandments 7.0

God told Adam/man to eat freely of everything in the garden except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It will bring death. Adam told Eve to not eat of the same tree and may have gone a step further and told her to not even touch it. Satan says nah, you'll become... Continue Reading →

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