Hear the Siren?

"Her song is in your head" Today (March 29th) is officially International mermaids day. Mermaids day usually is on September 8th but Disney is promoting a new movie or series called siren on freeform. They were able to make international mermaid day, instead of national mermaid day on September 8th. One interesting thing about September... Continue Reading →

Red Bull Gives You Wings

Somewhere in the Negev desert on the morning of March 27th, ranchers working for The Temple Institute witnessed the birth of the first of 5 red calves. They were hoping for a female that would eventually turn into THE unblemished red heifer that would eventually (in 3 years) be sacrificed and burnt on the Mount... Continue Reading →

The Red Bull…not a heifer yet

Here you go. 3 days before the start of Passover. This wasn't a female but it was all red. This first one wasn't a candidate, obviously because its a male and the heifer needs to be a female but they have 4 more tries. Now its a waiting game. We will see what transpires the... Continue Reading →

The IO

I have mentioned the Economist cover from 1988 a few times. I talked about it in relation to the Phoenix cryptourrency that they want to rise out of the ashes of a failed world wide economy. A few things I want to mention is that they believe that it will be rolled out this year... Continue Reading →

The Wicked and the Lawlessness

ED GEIN I don't even know what to say about this. These people at Butterfly X Studio (go figure right) make faux clothes, shoes, bags, ect out of what looks like skin. Its fake but that's not the point. The point is is that these people are mentally and demonically insane. It's called the Ed... Continue Reading →

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