Happy the Egyptian Bull

(Originally posted October 31st, 2016) Pharrell Williams and his Happy bull. I wondered why Pharrell bugged me so much. I thought it was just because he was in the toddler stage of becoming a Mason with the formation of his Billionaire Boys Club. But then he came out with this annoying song called "Happy". His... Continue Reading →

Mïs pî and the Eucharist

(Originally posted November 16th, 2016) Is there a modern equivalent of this mïs pî ritual today? This ancient Mesopotamian ritual is supposedly a pagan ritual of what GOD did in Eden with Adam by giving him life. He become indwelled by the breathe of God and became a man in the image of God. We... Continue Reading →

“The Fearless Girl” is staying…atleast until February 2018

https://youtu.be/YqNmGlud4WM http://www.usatoday.com/videos/money/2017/03/08/statue-small-girl-appears-front-famous-wall-street-bull/98892810/ On March 8th there was a statue of a young girl put up in front of the Golden bull on Wall Street. It was dubbed "The Fearless Girl" and in a nutshell it represents equality rights for woman. In my opinion according to "their" reasoning, it represents femininism. Now everyone is interpreting this... Continue Reading →

March 27th – The Arch of Triumph in Florence, Italy is unveiled: “We are all Syrians”

http://digitalarchaeology.org.uk/florence/ Florence, March 27, 2017 - L ' Palmira arc is "a symbol with which all of us from Florence we want to send a message of peace and resistance against terrorism and violence." He said Dario Nardella , Mayor of Florence, in Piazza Signoria revealing the arc playing the temple of Bel destroyed by ' Isis . Florence is the first Italian city to... Continue Reading →

Murder and “cainabels”

(Originally posted on December 2016) Disclaimer: some of these photos are graphic I haven't followed this pizza gate but I do know this much, its completely demonic to the core. There are so many avenues to go in this story that its sickening (Miley, Katy, MK Ultra,ect.). I do want to briefly bring up something... Continue Reading →

2020: Perfect Vision

Earlier today I was accused by someone of practicing divination. To forsee the future or to be told something by a god about a future event. Hmmm. This was in response because I said that the 9/23 sign was a false sign. She in turn rebuked me then went on to say that she believed... Continue Reading →

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