Pangolin Virus 2019

Pay attention. The Economist World in 2019. What are the odds? Let's flip it. Remember, when it's backwards like it was, it is being used for witchcraft. The 4 horseman face towards the panda (China?) and there just happens to be a pangolin in the bottom right corner. The new carrier of the coronavirus. I... Continue Reading →

Revisiting: Flag Idolatry

I am going to revisit a paper I wrote a couple of years ago. The idolatry of saluting a flag. Read it here. You don't need to be labeled a Jehovah's Witness (who for once got something right) or anti-American or unpatriotic, but unfortunately you will get that label. That's ok though. Jesus Christ is... Continue Reading →

The Nanocrown Virus?

I have written in the past about how I believe we ingest nanotechnology from the spraying of chemtrails. Now that the coronavirus is here, people are presuming that it may be based on 5G activation of this nanotech that is in all of us. It wouldn't be hard to believe. Wuhan seems to be the... Continue Reading →

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