The Red Heifer Curse of SI(199)

Ok. So this is strange. This popped up in my memory for today on FB. I hate to spot this sort of thing more than anyone. Because for one, I'm a Dodger fan and I love baseball in general. You don't like it, I don't care. That's just how it goes. 👍 In August of... Continue Reading →

2, 3, meh…whatever

These comments were from a video of the writer at BIN site. He did a video on the red heifer and I asked a few questions. This was a few months back but I didn't get notified of the last 2 comments. The woman answered the "does the age of the heifer start at birth... Continue Reading →

The Age of the Red Heifer

I got this comment from my blog from "sean h". Very interesting. Age of Aquarius is the Age of the Red Heifer. I'll be looking into this... Aquarius is holding a water vessel and pouring it out. This is a water symbol but an air sign in astrology. The air blows the water causing waves... Continue Reading →


Yes, there is a reason why people are afraid of clowns. They represent the ancient Nephilim spirit, that's why. A "stiltwalker". "coulrophobia (n.) "morbid fear of clowns," by 2001 (said in Web sites to date from 1990s or even 1980s), a popular term, not from psychology, possibly facetious, though the phenomenon is real enough; said... Continue Reading →

Sons of Belial

From the Jewish Encyclopedia. Pretty interesting etymology. Belial: The "lord without a yoke". That would make him the bullgod. BELIAL. By: Morris Jastrow, Jr., Gerson B. Levi, Marcus Jastrow, Kaufmann Kohler A term occurring often in the Old Testament and applied, as would seem from the context in I Sam. x. 27; II Sam. xvi.... Continue Reading →

The bull of Kalu

I found another bull/cow ritual that was like the other side of the coin of the red heifer sacrifice. It is very similar with the killing of an unblemished unyoked black bull, where they would take the skin and use it for the Kalu/Gala priests kettledrum. These drums were said to have special spiritual powers... Continue Reading →

The Burning Cow

I published The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place in July of 2017. It took me over 2 years of researching and writing it to get to that point. In August of 2018 my theory of the red heifer sacrifice for the end of 2020 was pretty much dwindling away. This was because the... Continue Reading →

Smart dust. Reading minds.

Forget about the cloud, here comes the fog...or should I say mist. I watched a French movie recently called "Just a Breath Away". In the movie, there is an earthquake and this causes a mist or a fog to swarm on Paris. In order to get away from those deadly mist, you have to get... Continue Reading →

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