My Dream: The Cube

I had a dream on the morning of March 30th. I was in a room with 2 other people. A man and a woman were sitting in what looked like kids school desks. I was standing facing both and the woman was on my left and the man to the right of me. I didn't... Continue Reading →

CV-19 = C(3)V(22)-1(A)9(I)

The man eats the snake that eats the bat. This is all symbolism. Otherwise we would all just call it what it is, the influenza and pnuemonia. Coronavirus - Snake King Plague COVID-19 =CV-19 C(3)V(22)-1(A)9(I) CV - 322 - Skull and Bones 19 - AI - Artificial Intelligence You wanted your connection to 5G through... Continue Reading →

Dream on Korah and Uzziah

I had a dream last night. I was camping and I was watching a sermon by a man I didn't recognize. It was called "The Rebellion of Korah". In the dream I kept sensing it was vaguely about "Corona". He also kept saying 4 names and Uzziah is the only one I can remember.I woke... Continue Reading →

The Numbers Don’t Add Up

This goes with the post below on not being able to differentiate between cv19 and the flu as far as this testing goes. Tests are out there and no one is able to get the testing done when needed. They are being refused for a reason. The reason being, they aren't testing for cv19. It... Continue Reading →

18 Month Social Distancing

I've been seeing that everyone is now hiring mass amounts of ppl to "keep up with the virus". Well it came to me...why? They are preparing for a 18 month social distancing shut down which will give a month on month off type of work schedule. This us to slow down the "virus". This will... Continue Reading →

The Social Contract: Earth Dwellers Rising

This will be an ongoing article. After listening to Newsoms speech again, he said it will be enforced by "social contract". That means your fellow man will now police you. Listen @ 2:50 mark. Case in point, man gets arrested for having a wedding in his own backyard with over 50 ppl. The... Continue Reading →

The Skull and Bones Virus

C(3)V(22) 19 = 44 The number ‘322’ appears on the society’s insignia, and is said to refer to 322 B.C., when Athens lost the Lamian War and had to dissolve its democracy. A new, plutocratic government allowed only wealthy Athenians to remain citizens. C is gimel(3rd letter) (foot) V is vav(6th letter) (hook) Hook the... Continue Reading →

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