Lifting the veil from Jupiter

This was just in time for Ramadan and the Ascension feast. Ramadan started on May 26th and goes until June 24th while May 25th was the Catholic, Feast of Ascension day. I have already talked about these two pagan holidays in other papers. Now some might not know this but the earth started to feel... Continue Reading →

The Wormwood Venus Connection

(Originally published November 8th, 2016) So I had read that Wormwood is the one who holds the key to the abyss. Here is an interesting view.  "There is a third identity mentioned who is "given" the "key" to the "abyss" (Rev.9:1). That identity is described as a "fallen star" who was "burning as a lamp"... Continue Reading →

Maybe Jupiter really does take over Saturns reign?

On Saturn and the Flood (Editor's note: This excerpt comes from a book called Worlds on Collision by Immanuel Velikovsky. I came across this after I talked about the hypothetical symbology of Jupiter eating Saturn during the Great Conjunction on December 20-22 of 2020. Its interesting what this book says about the Flood/Deluge of Noah and these two... Continue Reading →

Let Jupiter pick your next job

"Workers send requests to Jupiter advertising all the capabilities they have, and Jupiter finds the best match by consulting its internal data structures. On production workloads, the latency of work acquisition requests is on the order of tens of microseconds. Upon receipt of a job, the worker either acknowledges or rejects it by sending an... Continue Reading →

My new book is finally published

So as you know I have finally released my new book "The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place" through Createspace publishing. It took 2 years of research and I'm glad for it to be out finally. If you have read this blog you have probably seen excerpts every now and then that came from... Continue Reading →

Negative Energy and Lasers

Negative mass or as some call it Dark/Negative Energy has been created by Washington State Physicists. Its a liquid base that they will use to create wormholes and warp drives. Notice the picture they used looks an awful like Saturn. I'm sure it's not by coincidence. This is obviously above my pay grade so I... Continue Reading →

Open Sesame

(Originally published on January 13th, 2017) Let's connect a few dots...CERN opens portals. That's a fact. CERN was originally working with UNESCO in Amman, Jordan with a program and machine called SESAME. This machine is two beams or should I say a light source that will probe the structure and behavior of matter in the... Continue Reading →

100 Kali

The Israeli 100 shekel note was recently brought to my attention. There is a watermark located on the bottom side(s) that some believe to be a face. I won't get into "decoding" the bill just quite yet but if I get the free time I will post it to this blog.  You can see this image... Continue Reading →

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