Their song of invocation

On September 3rd, the Sanhedrin will be celebrating the anniversary of Creation (according to the Midrash). First off I want you to notice that this celebration is in Ophel. According to my research, Ophel is where the Temples originally stood, not on the temple mount which is where the Antonia Fortress was (along with a... Continue Reading →

Order Out of Chaos in Jordan

A few interesting storys on Jordan. June 5th Pay attention. Think about Daniel 11:20. And look at the picture I put in the comments. Out of all the pictures they could have used of Omar al-Razzaz they picked that one (which was probably just a still of him moving). He is doing the Masonic hidden... Continue Reading →

The Doorknob Suicides

You better know which door your knocking on nowadays. There is only one door I've got my eyes on. The other door leads to death....quite literally in some cases. Doors in scripture have always had spiritual connotations and in some cases represent portals and gateways. Think about that when reading this. John 9:9-10 I am... Continue Reading →

Leviathan parting the Red Sea

Some Rabbi's believe that this current whale sighting is an omen of bringing in their awaited messiah. I believe is just more of the same as we have been seeing this culmination pf the beast rising from the sea. This Antichrist spirit brings about the little horn or what we call the eschatological man of... Continue Reading →

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