The “Wisdom” of the “Beast”

The image of the beast personified in the form of the self proclaimed beast. Crowley portrays himself as the 2 pillars (arms) with the 3rd pillar called wisdom, beauty and deity in the center. You see the capstone on top of this 3rd pillar that illuminates into the image of the beast. Do you still... Continue Reading →

“Language of the Birds” is for the Birds

This image comes from Chanting Down Babylon by Daniel Mirante. "The earth is a living testament, like a book, who’s pages are the aeons of history. The organic pattern of history explicates from seed and nut into frond, bough, leaf, tree. The tree takes different branches and pathways, and upon its branches fly the eagles... Continue Reading →

Soccer or Sucker?

I can actually say that I didn't think I could dislike soccer more than I already do...but...I can. Where did "football" or what we call Soocer in America originate avid what does it mean? Is there an occult meaning behind it? Let's first look at what recently took place in Jordan. One Ball, One World.... Continue Reading →

Their 3rd Temple Facing the West

David Friedman, the ambassador for the United States to Israel received a photoshopped picture of the blasphemous 3rd temple from the Achiyah Institute. First off, let me tell you that Achiyah means "brother (that is, worshipper) of Jah". There is a belief in some cults that Jesus was spirit brothers with Lucifer. Just thought I'd... Continue Reading →

The Steps on Becoming a Great Seat Warmer

Now a days Christianity and Eschatology (the study of the End Times) is really easy to understand. You have a choice between futurist, preterist, historical and idealist to chose from. Once you decide the one for your own view, then you will be able to interpret the Bible according to that specific teaching. Once you... Continue Reading →

Her Big Beacon 666

Her Big Haro (or Beacon) 666. Haro means beacon in the sense of getting someone's attention. This is known as the "axis of evil" and its located in the constellation Corina which they call the keel. The keel was on the back of a ship. HH=88=time travel. Not everyone will get this. Some more nonsense... Continue Reading →

Trump: Fish head or Crow

Is it just me or does Trump's hair on the "temple coin" look like a fish? I thought it also resembled a crow. This is from the Zohar and notice the crow and the chicken. "Tikkun 70 – 31 The judgments and decrees that were given to the other side are revealed from the wings... Continue Reading →

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