Symbols mean everything to the students of the esoteric and occult world. Your layman doesn't understand this. It's all demonic. Below is the symbol for THC. The Number 9 Scriptures tell us that there are 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. This is good. 👍 In Freemasonry, 9 is their magic number and it represents... Continue Reading →

Marihuana in the 30’s and 40’s

Marijuana, Assassin of Youth [booklet] Publication Year: 1950 DEVINE, Robert James. Frederic, WI: Leader Press, [1950]. Item #SKB-13916 Pamphlet. First edition thus. A scathing Reefer Madness-era tract by rabid anti-drug crusader Devine, originally published ca. 1937. The back cover features probably the all-time best anti-marijuana illustration of drug peddlers throwing marijuana victims to the God... Continue Reading →

The Truth About Your Weed

A few days ago I said one, off the cuff comment, about how "smoking weed is communion with Shiva" and a lot of people lost it. Then all the medicinal smoking Christians come out of their grow closets were claiming this and that and giving their testimonies of how life altering and changing using marijuana... Continue Reading →

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