The Space Force Already At Work?

Santa Rosa. Africa. Greece. Redding. Alleged "wildfires" that melt cars and engines into liquid and leave trees and grass untouched seems to be the new thing. We are seeing these types of fires more often. So what does the "space force" have to do with any of this? I hope you realize what they meant... Continue Reading →

A Quiet Place…

My wife and I went and watched A Quiet Place when it was released in theatres. That night I started to write an article and breakdown of the symbolism in the movie. I didn't ever finish it and for good reason. Here is a synopsis of the movie from Rotten Tomatoes. "In the modern horror... Continue Reading →

It’s a TRAP(pist)!

The devil has inverted everything. Quite literally, everything nowadays is upside down. Someone sent me these images from the Trappist 1 website. The first has Aquarius upside down representing the inversion of this Trappist 1 business. Notice how its the pinnacle or "capstone" of these stairs or pyramid? This represents that Aquarius is the way... Continue Reading →

The Masonic Darkness to Light

“You have been brought from darkness to true Masonic Light” First we saw Trump and his giant envelope that looked like a Masonic apron. Then we saw him stand inbetween the 2 pillars with the Queen. Now the lights went out and it seems we are seeing a little more Masonic symbolism. First off, for... Continue Reading →

Our House: The Internet of Things

"But what makes you so sure your interacting with your parents? What if the machine isn't bringing people back exactly, just amplifying the energy that's already there?" - Hannah"Houses are as haunted as you make them."I watched a movie last night called Our House. It's your typical "uh oh, we opened a door way to... Continue Reading →

Electric Demons

I posted and published this same paper at the end of March. For some reason, it disappeared. So here I am, posting it again. "To his horror, an artificial-intelligence program started spontaneously." (2000) "The minister said he probed one such case, actually logging onto the parishioner's computer himself. To his horror, an artificial-intelligence program started... Continue Reading →

The wall comes crumbling down

Jacob was afraid that Esau was going to kill him and he offered him 220 goats and 220 sheep as a gift. As the Jews await their blasphemous 3rd temple, the day after their 9th of Av fast commemorating the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temples, a giant 220 pound boulder feel from the... Continue Reading →

The Rooster Revisited

Let's start out with this image. Trump, Melania and the Queen in between the 2 pillars. This picture on Friday the 13th got everything rolling for the next few days. Friday the 13th is a day to celebrate for all Freemason and Knights Templars. If you don't know why then please Google it. Not only... Continue Reading →

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