Harpagesometha in a Hebrew translation is Laqach: the catching away.

The number one scripture that "rapturists" use for a "secret rapture" of the church is 1st Thessalonians 4:17. The word here in Greek is harpagesomethia which is then translated in the Latin word we all know as "rapture". Paul is speaking about the resurrection, not some mysterious rapture. You can see the other side of... Continue Reading →

My new book is done.

I finally have gotten my book printed and it's available on Amazon now and I am also giving away the pdf for free here. My first hard copy. 800 pages. I'm definetly not making any new Christian friends with this one. But I do wish now I would've added the connections to Indra. Jupiter roars... Continue Reading →

A few stories in April…

The new 7up commercial reppin' Shiva the destroyer is out. Some believe 7up represents the Pleiades or the seven sisters and some believe it represents the 7 chakras. "In the beginning, 7Up contained seven main components, including the anti-depressant ‘lithium citrate’ which has atomic mass 7. In addition, the drink was bottled in 7 ounces... Continue Reading →

What is this?

This image was taken from Lasco C3 in Maryland on April 22nd at 7:42am. It shows what appears to be what some are calling a "angel" or "craft" or "alien". To me (if its real), it looks like the Egyptian motifs of Isis. It also made me think of the Benu bird known as the... Continue Reading →

Three crosses or One tree?

Tell me what do you see here? "the bodies should not remain upon the cross"? Look at the Greek text and tell me what you see with that same phrase. Either there are NOT 3 crosses as we are led to believe or the writer of the Gospel (who was not John) was not inspired... Continue Reading →

April 23rd, 2018: #nottherapture

A rapture date for something that happened over 6 months ago? Here is what I'm talking about. This is beyond "fake news". This is news brought to you by AI and Christians bought into this one too. September 23rd is when Jupiter was in Virgo, not April 23rd. Jupiter is now in Libra while the... Continue Reading →

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