MessengerRNA: now and then

The Rainbow and the Second Coming

As I looked at this rainbow of color, I'm reminded that God will never flood the earth again and judge the entirety of humanity (except for those 8). That's exactly what He told Noah He would never do. But to us, that seems like the simple explanation. I wonder when Noah saw that first rainbow,... Continue Reading →

Another thought on Thanatos…. Death

These are just thoughts....Once again, I'm thinking about the construct and concept of death. Death is inevitable and that one guarantee for every single human. Death is fearful for most that they fear dying. Jesus conquered death at the cross and we await for the final judgement for Him to put death under His feet... Continue Reading →

Commandments 7.0

God told Adam/man to eat freely of everything in the garden except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil. It will bring death. Adam told Eve to not eat of the same tree and may have gone a step further and told her to not even touch it. Satan says nah, you'll become... Continue Reading →

Red Heifer Update 3/17/23

I just want to give you an update on the red heifer situation in israel. They are still in Northern israel, I suspect near the Golan heights where the made-up Trump town is located. They haven't moved them to Shiloh yet but they plan on doing it. Out of the five red heifers that were... Continue Reading →

Skoliosis and Walking Upright

This is interesting...Paul was confronting Peter about how he was being inconsistent with what he was telling both Jews and gentiles. "Peter, when Jews from Jerusalem showed up in the city, began to vacillate in his convictions. In weak compliance with their prejudices, he "withdrew and separated himself" from those whom he had treated as... Continue Reading →

Death and THE 1st Commandment

I've been thinking about this since last week: I find it strange that the first use of "death" is in Genesis 2:17 when talking about Adam not eating off the tree or he will die. Then the last enemy of Jesus that he puts under His feet is Death (and hell/hades) in Revelation 20:14. Thanatos... Continue Reading →

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