Sophia: October 2017

These screenshots come from my blog and Twiggies. The Mummy movie with Tom Cruise flashes "10/17" on a guys left arm. It was like a tattoo. I wrote about it below. Sophia was given citizenship by Daudi Arabia on October 25th, ironically 1 week aftet a Venus/Mercury conjunction. How is all this connected? Read below.

The Two Horebs: good water/bad water

During the Winter Olympics workers, staff and security had attracted the norovirus. The norovirus is basically the stomach flu and there has been over 275 cases of it in or near the Olympic site of Pyeongchang. 111, the most cases of the virus, have been at Horeb Youth Center with 53 people being quarantined. What... Continue Reading →

Circus Maximus Overdrive

Remember the 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive? With its self driving trucks and appliances that went rogue. I never really looked at the posters for this movie until today. And funny enough, it goes right along with everything happening today. The red/blue symbolism of duality (fire and water), the jester or clown face (symbolic of a... Continue Reading →

Some Florida Shooting Symbology

There is so much disinfo about this shooting in Florida and it seems like everyone is covering it. So, I found a few interesting things that no-one is mentioning. Why that school? It was named after a woman. MSD or Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a staunch feminist who lived to be 108 years old. She... Continue Reading →

The earth in the belly of the whale

Wait.......what? NASA’s OSIRIS-REx snapped this image on its asteroid mission on Jan. 17. It's supposed to be Earth in "conjunction" with the Moon. Not really but that's their claim. OSIRIS-REx was moving 19k miles away from earth according to NASA. Anyways...notice its "in" (actually just the back drop) Cetus the sea monster or what we... Continue Reading →

Coins and trees = their temple

The Jews want you to buy a silver shekel with Cyrus and Trump on it to support the building of their blasphemes Temple. Don't do it'll regret it. "BY DONATING 50 DOLLARS TO THE HOLY TEMPLE FOR A SILVER TEMPLE COIN. YOUR DONATION WILL HELP SPREAD THE LIGHT OF JERUSALEM AND THE SPIRIT OF... Continue Reading →

Winter Olympics OPENING Ceremony

Let's not forget how this year's Winter Olympics started. It began on October 24th when the High Priestess got the strange fire from Ancient Olympia. This fire looked like a dragon...Literally. You could even say a Phoenix was rising out of the fire on this one. 7 days later at the lighting ceremony on October... Continue Reading →

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