Songbird: the real time movie

The new movie called Songbird is coming out in 2021. The Romeo and Juliet of Covid-23. That didn't take long now did it? In the poster they have the phoenix rising out of the rorschach test. I'll explain this in a minute. The trailer is below. In the new trailer for the movie "Songbird" you... Continue Reading →

The Uncovering: 7.0

There was an earthquake today off of the coast of Turkey on the Greek islands the Dodecanese (the twelve). Patmos, where John received the Revelation (Apocalypse/uncovering) of Jesus Christ, is 36 miles away from the 7.0 eq and is part of these 12 islands. It was near Samos (high) island where the mathematician Pythagoras was... Continue Reading →

IGIGI: the watchers

igigi (19191) are watchers. The fallen are IGIGI (19191). Every 19 years you get this blue hunters full moon on October 31st or November 1st. The last 19 years we have 9/11. 19 years later we had 3/11. The Arch of Triumph debuted on April 19th. This was a 3D portal. On the 17th day... Continue Reading →

91 DiVoC

Luciferians love the law of reversal. So let's look at Covid. Covid backwards is divoC. Di is latin means 'apart' and voc also comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "to call" (voice). Apart to call. In Greek, much like Latin, voc is "to call" but di means "twice or twins". Twice call or... Continue Reading →

The Sacrificial Red Dodger

(Correction and disclamer: Turner was pulled in the 7th not the 6th. Now in order to understand the context of what I'm saying here, you will need to read my article from last year under "you can read it here". This symbolism is based off of the coming red heifer that will change life as... Continue Reading →

World of the Damned

I watched Village of the Damned last night on a whim. Woke up this morning and saw the new Busta Rhymes promo for his new album Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God that comes out October 30th. It has a VotD feel too it. I think that's obvious. Kids in a Catholic church... Continue Reading →

Dark Winter: the simulated game

It is interesting that the Tom Clancy game The Division is called Dark Winter that mimics the Dark Winter government simulation in June 2001 that goes by the same name. This event took place during the summer solstice. The games trailer came out 12 years later in June and then a year later it was... Continue Reading →

The PCR King: Molech

Why and what PCR testing actually does/is? PCR Test is the best way to extract "a good quality DNA in sufficient quantity". DNA grab. Said it from the beginning. This is either for the simulation or for real life. A real clone($) of yourself or your artificial self into some sort of bot. They want... Continue Reading →

Biden’s E for Eye

When converting the text to WordPress it changed the original font text. The Xi looks like 3 lines, like Biden's E in his ads. Biden's E is Ξ in his ads. What is he saying here? Xi /ˈzaɪ (uppercase Ξ, lowercase ξ; Greek: ξι) is the 14th letter of the Greek alphabet. It is pronounced... Continue Reading →

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