Solution, Reaction, Problem: Let’s invert their inversion

The pawns of Satan (what others call the elites of this world) have what is called the Hegelian Dialect. It is the Problem, Reaction and Solution. Essentially is is a prime example of a double minded man speaking out of both sides of his mouth but he is doing it to ultimately deceive the masses.... Continue Reading →

Speak Loud, Live Free: again

I have said that the time is now to speak up. But only when called to and impressed by the Holy Spirit. Our words when backed by the Spirit of GOD will torment man to his own insanity. The Truth and Goodnews of Jesus Christ is the game changer and the end game to their... Continue Reading →


The Real: Today is Pentecost. 50 days after the resurrection. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Heavy days are coming and do not think for a second that Satan isn't pouring out his Antichrist spirit on these earth dwellers. You can see it has been happening for quiet a few years now and it is... Continue Reading →

Another dream: May 29th, 2020

I had a dream 2 nights ago. Prior to this, I prayed against the enemies plans as far as nano tubes, graphine, 6G and terahertz. Then I had a dream. Don't forget all this mention of the "2nd wave" coming. I prayed against the enemies plans to get nano tubes writhing with terahertz frequencies for... Continue Reading →

Contact Tracer: etymology

Contact Tracer. Contact means to touch. They want contact tracers to check on you in a world of social distancing. Oxymoron right? Touching and social distancing. Not actually working "hand in hand". And tracer means to follow the course or path and can be used as the light seen off of ammunition in the dark.... Continue Reading →

Speak Loud, Live Free

Last year I started writing "speak loud, live free" at the end of posts on social media. I didn't know why but little did I realize then, how true this would be for all of us today. We are coming into a time that you need to be very careful on what you talk about... Continue Reading →


NOOM "is the behavior change company". It is an APP to help you not think for yourself. And they have introduced in a slick nonchalant way, social credit scores based on green, yellow and red. This is already done in China. You got Green? You are free to enter the store. And notice their new... Continue Reading →

Fly the Friendly Skies

Get ready to fly the not so friendly skies in the near future. You will have online check in, your face will be your ID/Passport using biometrics in order for you to board and only those fit to fly will be able to. They are locking you up and throwing away the key if you... Continue Reading →

Commie Retirement on our Behalf

Going political for a second. Only because I am paid into PERS and I will see no retirement by the time I'm ready. Most people don't realize that Federal and State Retirements put money into foreign equities like Chinese Communist Regimes. Trump is allegedly trying to stop this. This is no different with State retirement... Continue Reading →

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