Demons: The Waves of Locusts on a Full, Blue, Super, Blood Moon?

(I started this paper a few weeks ago but I had things come up so I'm finally getting it done.) First things first. Aliens and the working force behind AI are nothing more than demons. I think it's that simple. Now that we have gotten that straight, there are groups of people that are screaming... Continue Reading →

Charlie Browns Aluminium Tree

First let me say this. I like Charlie Brown. It was the first cartoon on national television to ever mention the name of Jesus. This short op isn't to debate Christmas or the Christmas tree, I just think there is a strange connection with the show and what's going on today. In 1965 Charlie Brown... Continue Reading →

Q: Its Significance (in my opinion)

Have you ever heard of Q (Anon)? It's someone or something providing intel and leaving clues to the 4chan board that's causing quite the stir on the "skynet". Its been going on since October28th. It was called the calm before the storm. But the Million dollar question is who is Q? Someone believed his real... Continue Reading →

The Modern Dinar

I posted this on this day (12/14/16) last year. With all the cryptocurrency talk I thought I'd revisit it.  Revelation 6  5  And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a... Continue Reading →

To Be In Christ…

What does it mean to be In Christ? If you are not born again (or born from above) through the Holy Spirit then you are not In Christ. When you are sealed with the Spirit of God you are then ready to trim those dead branches off and then produce that good fruit that is... Continue Reading →

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