Graven Image or Christmas Tree?

(This paper isn't saying to have a Christmas tree. Its telling you that Jeremiah 10,  when used in correct exegetical context, cannot be what some claim they say it is. You judge yourself on if you should have a tree in your house or not, but don't judge others on something when there is no... Continue Reading →

The UN Welcomes Al-lat Home

The statue of Al-lat was officially given to the United Nations this last week. I wrote about the bust of Al-lat being on display in June of this year at the UN. But now it's official. Al-lat is there to stay. Read my paper here on the June event.  The IDA and Dubai are partners in this... Continue Reading →

The Real ID…again

(I wrote this in 2007. It was the first paper that I had published by someone else. It got picked up by No to Real ID. At the time I was a big proponent of the mark of the beast being a microchip. Mind you, this was ten years ago and I don't have the... Continue Reading →

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