“Bill, strange things are afoot at the Circle K”

I came across Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure the other day and never thought about the comment Ted made while standing in front of the Circle K. As you already know, this movie is about time travel and it happens in a telephone booth at a Circle K parking lot. But what's up with Circle... Continue Reading →

The Demon Sloth

The last few weeks I kept seeing these Sloths on my Facebook page. I don't know why I was getting sponsored ads with sloths on them but I thought it was really weird. They were ranging from video games, videos and just weird sloth stuff. I should've screenshot them but I didn't. (UPDATE: After I... Continue Reading →

The Asterion Bull Star

The Minotaur named Asterion who is the guardian of the Temple is in Toulhouse, France for a few days. Asterion (meaning starry), is an attendant of the starry-god Astraeus. Astraeus is an astrological god who is known as the god of the dusk and the winds. Just one of the many Ba'als. Astraeus is the... Continue Reading →

NFL Gone Alchemical

So I'm watching the Sunday night football game between the Packers and Patriots and before it even starts there is a woman analyst who brought up numerology. She was using numerology of the number 12 for both quarterbacks. Doing #1 first then #2 then went onto the combination of the two with 12. It was... Continue Reading →

“Scary movies” in Bartow

These 2 little girls are demon possessed, and I'm sure they learned about Satanism from an adult. I'm curious as to what "scary movies" they were watching prior to this happening. Go look at the pictures and read what they wrote. And a pizza cutter? Some of you will get the suggestion of what is... Continue Reading →

The Heretic Serpent Seed Doctrine

William Branham and Arnold Murray made the serpent seed doctrine popular in our modern era. Even more recent you have dudes like Jonathon Kleck feeding this doctrine to unstable Christians that is doing nothing but fleecing the flock. These guys didn't make this false doctrine up though...it comes from the Targum of Jonathan from Palestine.... Continue Reading →

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