A little t.v. anyone? The Whispers, Lost in Space and Wayward Pines. Plus a few more.

If you didn’t know anything about my research them just stop reading right here.

The Whispers

If your familiar with it then read on…Has anyone seen this TV show from 2015 that was on ABC called The Whispers? I just came across the last week by chance and ended up watching it. There was only one season and they discontinue the series. The series had Steven Spielberg and three other executive producers and was a based off of Ray Bradbury’s Zero Hour, “the illustrated man”. I found the whole series very interesting.

The premise of the series The Whispers, is based off of a entity or what they call an alien named Drill that comes through electricity and specifically through the lights. Drill came here from a meteor that was blue in color that reminded me of the Freemasonic blue lodge. This is Saturn worship. When I found out what the series was about, my first thought was that this was an example of how the future of 5G and li-fi could be. (Go read my demons in electronics paper – https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1467199176722963&id=519754571467433) I think this show was pretty symbolic of what can happen and by that I don’t mean that entities are going to possess kids like the TV series did, but who knows , kids become obsessed almost to the point of possession with electronics now. That was my first thought on this Drill entity.

I don’t want to give too much away but it involves entities that they call aliens and the entity that is possessing kids is called Drill. In episode 9 they come out and say that Drill is actually a Dybbuk or a cleaving spirit. If you have read my book The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place then you know why this is interesting to me. In the same episode they call Drill a Dybbuk, a little boy then gets possessed by him and is wearing a clown mask made out of a paper plate. By the way, drill means to burrow or circle. All of this is symbolic of the fallen angels.

I was kind of surprised to see that this type of symbology is what was used for the series. Dybbuks, clowns, aliens and entities. I forgot to add all the butterfly, Saturn’s black cube, Fibonacci symbolism along with their familiar ending of Nick Cages Knowing ending. There is a lot in here. I have come to realize that the no name shows that have gotten canceled in the past after only 1 or 2 seasons, are the shows that people sould pay attention to. They are telegraphing more than the average person can pick up on.

Under the Dome

Wayward Pines

I had never even heard of Wayward Pines but I just recently watched it. It’s a perfect discourse on mind control. I’m not surprised that it was canceled. With that said, Episode 8 of Season 1 is explaining how kids can get brainwashed in a time of a “terrorist” event. It reminded me of the MDS shooting in Florida and how these kid rose to fame with a government handed script. In this episode there is also mention of a “Easter bombing” in New York and California. The timing of that episode and with what’s going on now just got me thinking….oh yeah, the producers of the series were M. Night Shyamalan (The Village, Signs, The Happening) and the Duffer Brothers (Stranger Things).

Wayward Pines Season 2. Can you say Mother/Child cult? And the “goddess” saves humanity and gives birth to a son. I’m not even joking.

A Wrinkle in Time

So I watched “A Wrinkle in Time”. What can I say. It’s definetly NOT a kids movie and most adults won’t have a clue with what’s going on. I’ll just got points I noticed, kind of line the cliff notes of what is relevant to my research. First off you have the names. Meg Murray which means “great sea settlement” and Charles Wallace meaning “husbandman foreigner”. I’ll let you see what you come up with on that one.

Anyways, they go through the veil to the 5th dimension where their father went to. This harkens using a tesseract as a gate or portal. A tesseract is a cube within a cube. The obvious symbolism here is the cube of Saturn being symbolised by the tesseract. They break the veil using a particular frequency. If you’ve read my past research on Saturns frequency and cymatics then you’ll get what’s going on here. Nevertheless, its a new age frquency busting through the veil to a spirit world.

The guides through the tesseract in this movie are represented by the three witches or the goddess symbolism. Once again, go to my blog to get a better understanding of what all this means. It’s all completely demonic. There first stop is to visit a Seer named Happy, where they need to find balance in the universe…literally. Happy is located in Orion of all places and the funny thing about Happy is that this is another name for the Serapis bull. If you know my research, then you know what it all means.

In the movie there is a evil that is darkness and black called the IT. Yep, you heard me right…IT! You might of thought of the clown and once again, my research has led my to believe IT is associated with the Nephilim spirit. This is where clowns come from. IT is a evil force that is reminiscent of the shadow monster from Stranger Things. Its crazy how everything connects nowadays isn’t it? This movie was literally matching up with 2 years of research in a 1 hour and 45 minute movie. I’ve left so much out but this is what stood out to me after watching it.

A “Christian” woman wrote this book and those is so far away from biblical Christianity that its not even funny. Even Disney has out done themselves on this one. It almost was like I was watching a future documentary on Oprahs gospel. The new age is all over this one.


So you have Kane and Lena. The new bloodline. We know what Kane represents but what about Lena. “In Latin it means “brothel-keeper” or “procuress”. In Arabic languages, it means “generous and kind”. In Greek, it means “sunlight”. In Persian it mean Light, Sunlight or pretty girl.” Kane and Lena are overtaken by a “alien entity” and this entity copies them with a few other pieces of other people added to them for safe measure. It’s a strange movie. You have a meteor falling into a lighthouse that causes a black hole shaped abyss where they are changed into their “higher self”. This is called Area X. The area x is changed into another dimension and what they call the shimmer. Essentially they went to perdition and this shimmer produces a false light. What is X? “The son of X” is an idiom for “one who personifies the nature of X”, and “ἀπωλείας” (Strong 684) can mean “perdition”, “loss”, “destruction”, “ruin”, and so on. So yeah, they go to perdition to change into light then come out of the abyss as a brand new higher self. Oh yeah, they kill themselves (their real self) with a phosphorus grenade. Lucifer is all over this one folks. I’m only scratching the surfice here.

Lost in Space

They built a pyramid shaped beacon so that they can be seen by others from space. The light from the capstone attracted a “dragon” like reptile that climbed to the top. Then it was killed by an alien robot who is now the good guy. It’s the duality robot. Red face is bad. Blue face is good. Anyone remember my paper on red/blue, fire/water duality?

And their ship is called The Jupiter. Of course it is, why wouldn’t it be.


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    1. You are lucky…lol. There is so much blasphemy on that thing its not even funny. I say its for “research” but I doubt I should entertain any of it. Sometimes I wished I lived in the middle of nowhere. I envy you for turning that thing off. God bless you for that!


  1. Con respecto a la película “Un pliegue en el Tiempo”, les cuento que las 3 mujeres principales representan a las 3 mujeres que vinieron a la tierra desde el espacio: una es Marta, la otra Margot y la más importante María ( o llamada Maistatu ) la abuela de la raza blanca (Los BERES) fueron dejada de lado ,olvidadas a propósito por la otra raza que vino a la tierra Los PAIOS. Recuerden que en las películas nos cuentan una historia verdadera dentro de otra ficticia. Esto da para màs cualquier pregunta me lo pueden hacer al mail.


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