Lamassu and Iraqi syrup

Well ot looks like the Lamassu will be in Trafalgar Square in 2018. “While the original was made out of marble, its recreation will be made out of date syrup tin cans, emblematic of Iraq’s once flourishing industry “destroyed, like the bull, by war” the Fourth Plinth website says.” ( 

“For the Fourth Plinth, Rakowitz has proposed to make a Lamassu, a winged bull and protective deity that stood at the entrance to the Nergal Gate of Ninevah in Northern Iraq from circa 700 BC until February 2015, when it was destroyed by ISIS along with other artefacts in the nearby Mosul Museum. The original work measured approximately fourteen feet, dimensions similar to those of the Fourth Plinth. Rakowitz’s Lamassu will be recreated using empty metal Iraqi date syrup cans, acknowledging this once renowned industry that has now been decimated by the Iraq Wars. 

Reconceiving the Lamassu in Trafalgar Square, Rakowitz imagines that this sculpture can continue performing its duties as a guardian of Nineveh’s past, present and future, even as a refugee or ghost. Using simple materials, Rakowitz has proposed a multi-layered work that address issues of war, industry and history.” (

I wanted to bring this Lamassu event back up from last year being that this new syrup can Lamassu will be in the spotlight in 2018. 

(Originally posted October 11th, 2017)

Well they are at it again. Earlier this year we saw the Arch of Triumph being unveiled in Trafalgar Square and then in New York City. While we await the final installation in Dubai, they have someing else in store for us. This time we see the ancient Bull of Nimrud at the Colosseum in Rome. It is on display from October 7th to December 11th. And guess who destroyed this winged bull, lamassu? ISIS. (

What is a lamassu exactly? “These monumental statues were called aladlammû (“protective spirit”) or lamassu, which means that the original female word was now applied for a rather macho demon.” ( “In the Epic of Gilgamesh and Enuma Elis , both Lamassu and Aspasu (Inara) are symbols of the starry heavens, constellations, and the zodiac. No matter if they are in a female or male form, Lamassu always represent the parent-stars, constellations, or the zodiac. In the Epic of Gilgamesh , they were considered as protective because they encompass all life within them.” ( So they represent “macho demons” that protect, but are also symbols of stars, constellations and the zodiak. Sounds like they represent fallen angels to me.  Why should we be surprised at anything anymore?

Some believe that these statues and the arch of triumph are a “welcome mat” for the Antichrist. I say it’s more than a welcome mat.  The people that worship this ancient spirit know good and well of what they are invoking. They believe that these symbols and statues send off a vibration or energy and they are using this as a ceremonial invocation. This is called the Saturn vibration. They are invoking this ancient spirit to indwell in their man of Sin (Ancient god Sin maybe). They are pushing for this restrainer to be taken out of the way. And when He is, the devil has but a short time to indwell in this last and final king, the bull.

I also want to point out that there is a bit coin machine from a company called lamassu. Buy or sell anyone? I just wanted point out a few things and hopefully I will be able to delve in a little deeper on what this all means for lamassu.

Read the articles on this exhibit here:

English translation here.

“Thanks to reconstruction work in 1: 1, made in Italy, will be able to see three monuments destroyed, damaged or debased by wars in the Middle East. The three works, which will be exhibited in the exhibition ‘Rising from destruction. Ebla, Nimrud and Palmira ‘are the Bull of Nimrud with the head of human appearance, which no longer exists, the ceiling of the temple in Palmyra of which are fragments, and the archive room of the State Palace of Ebla, which housed 17,000 tablets cuneiform, and is facing serious state of neglect.

The aim of the exhibition is to sensitize the international public to knowledge, culture and the safeguarding of sites and monuments, world heritage site but also to further the debate on the reconstruction of what was destroyed and restoration of the remains. The revival of the three monuments was made possible thanks to highly qualified employment and of three specialized Italian companies through the use of innovative technologies and under the guidance of a scientific committee of archaeologists and art historians. Alongside the reconstruction, they are also exposed two original coming directly from Palmyra and damaged by terrorism.

After the exhibition, the two draped portraits of a man and a woman, carved in stone, will be taken over by the Ministry of Culture to be restored by the top experts of the Institute for Conservation and Restoration. Concluded his speech, the precious works will be returned to the National Museum of Damascus.”

If you are interested in what all this symbolism means, I suggest you read my papers on the Arch of Triumph.

Lamassu: bit coin machine


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