Arch going back to Italy

I’m not sure why Christians (and in this case Jews) are so adamant with calling this Arch from Palmyra (Tadmor), the Arch of Baal. I can’t get over it. It’s the Arch of Triump. I’ve went over this with pictures even, explaining the differences between these three arches (Triumph, Ba’al and Bel) in Palmyra. Even after the headline from an article like this “Despite Earlier Denials, Arch From Temple of Ba’al to Stand in NYC”, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz from Breaking Israel News then quotes this.

“An article on the upcoming event, Hebrew Nation Radio made a disturbing connection. The original arch was built commemorating the Roman victory over Partha. Many of the Parthans were from the remnants of the Ten Tribes of Israel. “So the original purpose of this arch was to celebrate victory over the demise of the Northern kingdom, the 10 tribes of the house of Israel, aka Joseph/Ephraim,” wrote Hebrew Nation.” (

This is why they replicated the Arch of TRIUMPH. There is more spiritual significance to this Arch than say the Arch of Ba’al or Bel. This Arch was a memorial for finishing off the remnants of the Northern Kingdom. I’ve been saying this all along. And they are reminding Israel once again by using this particular Arch of Triumph. They are saying, “we conquered you once and we will do it again.” And this time instead of Rome, it will be with the Arabs. And this last week in Dubai’s World Government Summits appearance, is where the spiritual handoff is being made.

“Though Rome and the Arab Emirates appear in different parts of the world and at different points in history, Rabbi Winston sees them as connected ideologically and spiritually. “Tradition tells of four exiles, the last being the Roman exile. Israel is being assailed by the Arabs but nowhere do we hear of a fifth, Arab or Ishmael exile,” explained Rabbi Winston. “This Roman arch in Dubai symbolically ties them both together: Ishmael, the Arabs, and Edom, which was epitomized by Rome.” “Just like the Romans, the Arabs are trying to control the world, and succeeding,” said Rabbi Winston. “Even though it is the Arabs against the Jews, it is really the Arabs continuing the mission of Edom to conquer the world. This connection between Dubai and Rome is showing that Edom never ended. It just put on a different mask.”

The first century Jewish sage Jonathan ben Uzziel wrote about how this Biblical alliance between Ishmael and Esau and would reappear at the End of Days. Clear evidence of the spiritual connection between these two seemingly disparate worlds can be found in the growing political cooperation between Rome and the Muslim/Arab world.” (

It’s called the Arch of Triumph for a reason, but they still insist in calling it the Arch of Baal. Did you know a “smart” YouTube channel can make anywhere from $1,200 to $20,000 a month just off of “clicks”? You figure it out…

You can read my op on this same story from three weeks ago.

(January 5th 2017) So there has been a change of plans. The Arch of Triumph was supposed to go to Dubai next and instead will be in Arona, Italy on March 25th, 2017. I wonder why the change of plans? 

Olivia Jones who is going to study at Cambridge lives in Arona. She contacted the IDA about bringing the Arch of Triumph after Khaled al Asaad had been killed in Palmyra by ISIS. He was the curator working there at the time for UNESCO. After his death, Arona’s Archaeological Museum was going to change the name to Assad’s name in honor of him and as a memorial. The IDA saw it fitting to change there plans. So now on March 25th the Arch will be in Arona. 

I’ll also add this. Arona is three and a half hours away from where CERN is in Switzerland. Any significance to that? I’m sure there is.


​(February 13th 2017) It looks like they completed there Arch ley line as planned (see pics in comments). Well they snuck that one in on me. The Arch of Triumph was installed on February 12, 2017 in Dubai for the World Government Summit that started two days ago. It will be available for the public to see on February 15. Here is a video of its construction in Dubai ( It was supposed to go up next to the “Burj Khalifa”, the tallest structure in the world, in conjunction with The Museum of the Future. Looks like they had a sudden change of plans or they just aren’t advertising with what they are doing anymore. Probably the latter. Check out my paper I wrote on April 19, 2016 about moving it to Dubai here ( Go to page 34.

“Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Dubai unveiled the IDA’s reconstruction of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch at the World Government Summit on Sunday, February 12th in Dubai.  On hand to assist with the unveiling were UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova and IMF President Christine Lagarde, as well as a host of other dignitaries. Below, Roger Michael, the IDA’s founder and Executive Director, explains the technical processes underlying the reconstruction of the arch.” (

“Through the generosity of the Dubai future Foundation, the IDA’s reconstruction of Palmyra’s Triumphal Arch will be displayed at the entrance to this year’s World Government Summit in Dubai.  The DFF will use the occasion of this installation to make a major announcement regarding a significantly expanded collaboration with the IDA.  

Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) and the Institute for Digital Archeology (IDA) are launching the University of Oxford’s Centre for Future Design (CFD) today at the World Government Summit in Dubai.  The CFD will be housed within the University of Oxford’s department of Physics in the historic Clarendon Laboratory. The CFD’s educational programs will be housed, including both classroom and dormitory space, in one of the University of Oxford’s most beautiful colleges, Trinity College, located on Broad Street directly across from the Bodleian Library in the heart of Oxford.” (

The Center for Future Design is located at TRINITY College on BROAD Street. And if you notice in the newspaper below, they call the arch Tadmur Gate. Interesting choice being that it’s in Dubai. Tadmur comes from the word Tamar which means dates. Palmyra means palms. So them using the name Tadmur Gate seems pretty significant to me. Remember that on March 25 it’s going to Arona, Italy and it will be the same day as Venus’ inferior conjunction. This is where the morning star falls into blackness and reignited itself. Reminiscent of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. So calling it the Tadmur Gate refers to the date palm branches signifying the triumphant entry into the “city”. The inversion of Jesus riding on the donkey into Jerusalem. And lets not forget, Tadmor means bitterness and I speculate about Venus changing onto Wormwood metaphorically means bitter.

“The World Government Summit is a global platform dedicated to shaping the future of government worldwide. Each year, the Summit sets the agenda for the next generation of governments with a focus on how they can harness innovation and technology to solve universal challenges facing humanity. The World Government Summit is a knowledge exchange platform at the intersection between government, futurism, technology and innovation. It functions as a thought leadership platform and networking hub for policymakers, experts and pioneers in human development.” (

It looks as though their ley line is becoming complete.


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