My “review” of the movie The Mummy…for what its worth.

So I watched the new movie The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. I had already previously wrote on the duality of this movie and Wonder Woman. You got the “good” and “bad” of Isis and man was that right on. If you don’t want to know a few details of the movie I suggest you stop reading here. Otherwise there will be some spoilers about to take place. 

So the movie starts out with the story of Ahmanet. I’ll just say she is embalmed alive and leave it at that. The opening sequence also shows a Knights Templar being buried in London with a reddish stone. Back to Ahmanet. They take her far from Egypt to be buried in a “hole” that at the bottom is covered in mercury. We already see a Alchemy connection with Mercury and the Templars. Tom Cruises character Nick, is a Indiana Jones type a blackmarket dude. He is in Mosul watching ISIS destroy statues. It brings the movie up to date since ISIS actually did destroy artifacts in Nimrud, near Mosul. I think that’s a strange connection with ISIS and Isis that they are making. 

Anyways, long story short…the US ends up shooting missiles there to save “Nick” from ISIS and in turn it opens a huge hole. In this hole is where this princess is entombed and chained in the mercury so she can’t ever be released. The symbolism I caught was Lucifer being chained or bound in the abyss or bottomless pit. This pit wasn’t actually bottomless but the symbolism did come across well. Now I mentioned that this Ahmanet was symbolic for Isis and one thing I want to point out is the occults belief that Lucifer is masculine on the earth but feminine in the air. Ahmanet wasn’t in the air but we see the “as above so below” symbolism there. I saw this as a representation of Lucifer chained in the Abyss.

Now I have always thought that this Palmrya Triumphant Arch is symbolic of Isis trying to invoke Osiris back to life. Just as she searched for his 13 body parts but couldn’t ever find the 14th. I almost see the Arch as the 14th part that is being used to invoke that spirit that was in Osiris to come back. This movie had the same principle. Except it was Ahmanet invoking Set to come back and rule. Now Set is a representation of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil and she needs a body to bring him back. And Tom Cruise is that body in this movie. 

Cruise somehow gets “possessed” by her in the sense that she draws him towards her in search of this stone and knife/dagger. You can see this when The Mummy sarcophagus is put onto the American military plane and it crashes because of get doing. But the interesting thing is the symbology of this plane crashing while Cruise is actually still on it. I see this as symbolic as Satan falling from Heaven as lightning and was being cast to Earth. This is what happened with Cruise who was to be Set ie Satan. He was cast to the Earth, thought to be dead in the morgue in a body bag, “resurrects” and comes back to life. 

Now I will skip to the end where he eventually becomes possessed with the spirit of Set/Lucifer and becomes this god man like Ahmanet wants. They talk about how he is the good guy who will redeem himself eventually and blah blah blah. Its the same old ancient lie from the garden that man can become like God and the God of Creation is the bad guy while Lucifer, the good guy got a bad wrap. 

I want to mention one last character who was behind bringing back this “spirit” of Set/Lucifer. We see Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in this movie. But here was the interesting thing. He had the hidden hand symbology of Freemasonry. His left hand was withered and covered in a black glove. This caught my attention because of the Hubal one hand connection. I will go into this more in another article but just wanted to bring up the Hubal symbology from this movie. You can also see these symbolism in the movie Interstellar. Matthew McConaughey has the same symbolism quite a few times. He is seen having one glove on his hand while the other isn’t covered. This is a nod to Freemasonry and their god Hubal/Sin/Baal/Satan which is way the hidden hand represents. And this movie Interstellar is centered around Saturn and multiverses where man is the god of “they”. They are their own gods. Hubal worship is more prevelant in movies than we think. Remember Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and his one hand? What about Luke Skywalker, the son of Anakin, getting his hand cut off by his father?

The last thing I want to mention from The Mummy is the numbers 10/17 written on Cruises partner in crime. 

He becomes zombified or possessed because of this curse and has these numbers on his left arm right before he is “killed” (although he doesn’t actually die). What do these numbers represent? The only thing I could possibly find was a conjunction of Venus and Mercury on 10/18 of 2017. Ironically Venus represents the goddess and Sophia, who is the feminine of Lucifer and if you remember, The Mummy was entombed in the abyss filled with Mercury. A couple of strange connections there. Also notice the right one eye symbolism. October 2017? Who knows…


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