The Fool and his dog

“The Fool” card in the Tarot deck is the zero (0) card. This means that it is the beginning card, the very first card of the deck. It represents their rebirth or resurrection of a death. This is order out of chaos and the Pheonix rising from the ashes symbolically (you will understand why I say this by the end of the paper). The Fool on the card is actually a Jester or what we know as a clown. Some decks show it as a Jester/Clown. If anyone has been following my research, then you know that I have connected our modern clowns to the ancient Nephilim Antichrist spirit. 

Take a look at the card. You will see the sun but for some odd reason its white and not yellow. Why is that? I recently wrote about how the sun now looks like its white and I always remember it having a yellow tint to it. I’m going to repost what I wrote about the white sun at the very end of all of this. Make sure you read it.

So you can see that there is a white Sun. Also notice the card has a white rose (Santa Rosa or the Saint Rose fire), he is holding a nap sack full of his tricks, a dog is running at his side with his focus on him and he has nine 8-pointed stars on his clothes that represent Sirius (the dog star and Venus). In the card below there is a butterfly leading him (symbol for MKULTRA Monarch mind control) over the cliff. Each Tarot deck varies.

We are seeing a symbolic picture here of what could possibly be happening today. The Fool is being led off of the cliff by the butterfly to his own demise while the white sun shines. This symbolises mind control over the masses in the form of the ancient Nephilim Antichrist spirit that I have talked about. Its no coincidence that clowns have been the craze and caused a terror in different communities across the country. Just recently this fear of clown sightings has spread to Israel. It’s also not a coincidence that more people are noticing how the Sun looks white nowadays.

Now many of you may know that the Chinese year of 2017 is the year of the rooster. I wrote a lot about this in connection to Trump being elected as President. The parallels to Trump/Rooster is beyond coincidence. Matter of fact, the Chinese made a golden Trump Rooster commemorating this year of the rooster.

Before I go on, I want to point out that the rooster is synonymous with the Pheonix. In Norse mythology there will be three roosters that make their appearence to herald the beginning of the apocalypse. Please read this to understand the rooster and alchemy connection. 

Roosters cuckadoodle-doo every morning at sunrise. He is bringing the new day at three rising Sun. The rooster in the occult is known as the one who brings in the new Sun (son) at the dawn of the new age. I want you to look at the picture below. The rooster sits on top of a ladder that has no supports. Now go back up to The Fool card and can you see what looks like a ladder underneath his feet with no support? This ladder represents the middle pillar of Freemasonry that I talked about in the Las Vegas shooting. The middle piller leads them to the divine feminine as the rooster brings in their new age.

Another thing I want to show you about this middle pillar is in the picture below. I told you in my Freemasonic pillar Vegas paper that this pillar symbolises the higher self that is going beyond their veil that only happens through their divine feminine. What do you see on top of this middle third pillar? A woman as her son. Doesn’t this remind you of the September 23rd false sign with their “king” planet Jupiter being birthed out of Virgo? It sure does to me. And as far as this false 9/23 sign goes, I honestly believe that what was birthed was this ancient Nephilim Antichrist spirit. 

 So we know that 2017 was the year of the rooster and it seems that these Luciferians were doing a good job at trying to bring in their new age. They may have succeeded. This brings us to the 2018 Chinese year in a few more months. Any idea what it could be? Its the year of the dog. Keep in mind that I mentioned the nine 8-pointed stars on his clothes that represents Sirius the dog star.

Now I want you to pay attention to the fool card and notice the dog that is tagging along next to the fool or should I say jester. The dog in the card is doing what dogs normally do, he is focusing on his master and following blindly by his side. If 2017 was trying to bring in their new age with the use of the Trump, “clowns” and all of the other symbolism, then what does 2018 have in store for us being the year of the dog?

Dogs in Scripture are represented as Gentiles. Not only do Jews see Gentiles as dogs but Muslims do too. This card made me think about the fullness of the Gentiles coming in with all of the harvest symbolism we have seen in the last year and as of lately. On a side note, there were a lot of stories this year about dogs being boiled alive in China. I won’t post anything on it because its horrible to watch but could it be a prophetic sign for Christians. John who wrote the book of Revelation was boiled alive in hot wax. Is this a prophetic sign?

So is this the year of the dog “star” Sirius? Something interesting that I mention in my book is the etymology of the word Sirius. The word Syria is connected to this word Sirius (some argue its not). You will see where this is all going in a minute.

One final piece to this puzzle is the name of this card. The Fool. Remember what Jesus tells us about using the word fool (moros) towards a brother for no reason? He says they are deserving of hell fire. We are not to call a fellow brother in Christ a fool or use the term raqqa. And I personally think that this is a word a Christian should never use.

With that said, something interesting happened today and not many people will catch it. I did and new agers will too because they have been waiting for this moment to finish their Syrian pentagram. Raqqa, Syria was liberated today by American troops from “ISIS”. This was the last place in Syria that formed this Syrian pentagram that is to bring about this divine feminine they have all been waiting for. Now its just a matter of time to when this Arch is brought back to Palmyra, as I’m sure that liberating Raqqa from ISIS will be one of the reasons as to why the Arch will head back to Palmyra. 

Here is what they have to say about this completion of this pentagram. “When Raqqa is liberated, that will very rapidly lead to the complete liberation of the Syrian pentagram and will drastically improve the situation in the Middle East.” Please read this to better understand what they believe about this. As one pentagram forms and comes together in one part of the world, another is broken which brings about ritualistic black magic.

Are they using this card to bring in their new age? Is this the time that there divine feminine goddess manifests itself? Are they telling us that the ancient Antichrist spirit that represents these clowns/fools are leading the gentiles over the cliff through a form of demonic possession in the form of mind control. We are seeing all this begin as far as I’m concerned. Is Syria going to play a big role in these last days like I suspect? It seems the dog is following his master…right off of the cliff.

White Sun post from Facebook: So I came home today from the beach and the whole time we were there, there where no Chemtrails with blue skies and actual clouds. When we pulled into the town we live in I told my wife that the Sun looked really white abyss the reflection off of the ground was white. I mentioned this to her in the past year that it feels and looks like someone turned on a giant million watt white bulb. I have video from a few months ago where here in our town it literally looks bright white from the Sun. People I know have said this to me without even bringing it up to them.

So anyways, we come home today and its bright white. We both think its weird especially from being out of town for a few today’s and the Sun looked nothing like this at the beach. So I get home and look on my phone and I have a new video from Tracy Twyman. Now this lady has good research but she doesn’t believe in Jesus like in the sense that most of us do. She has research like mine but doesn’t accept Jesus as Messiah and deals with demonic activity…literally as you will see. I’m posting the video that popped up in my YouTube feed. Now keep in mind. I’m not even signed up to get her updates so I thought it was weird in the first place. So I look at the title at it says “blah blah blah White Sun”. I’m like what?  Me and my wife literally just talked about this like 20 minutes ago. 

Twyman does seances which obviously isn’t cool. She believes she talks to the spirit of Mithras which is definetly not cool. So on that level, she’s playing with serious fire and needs to turn from these occultic practices. With that said, I thought I’d listen to this because of the white sun title. Well I listened and it was a trip. She mentioned things that I had been noticing for atleast the last year. To understand better what I’m about to say youll need to listen to her talk. Warning though…there is cursing and demonic activity going on with it.

So…I have thought for a long time that the main reason for Chemtrails was for these fallen angels so that they could terra form the earth. That what my theory on it. I know the other significances of Chemtrails but this was my bottom line. The earth was changing for these archons who would have a very short time to do their bidding and it was obviously changing due to chemicals and heavy metals being sprayed. Like I mentioned I also thought that the Sun was getting closer and turning white. I feel that everything is enclosing in on us and our atmosphere and world is getting closer…literally. She mentioned both of these ideas.

She also mentioned the fool card (the fool or jester is a clown looking character on some cards). I have been talking about this ancient spirit that these Luciferians are invoking is the same ancient nephilim spirit that were behind this clown symbolism. She mentioned the triple x symbolism vaguely which happened at the arch of triumphs grand finali on September 29th. She mentioned the alchemical marriage that I wrote about in my fire and water article. Everything she was talking about was what I had connected dots to in the past.  

Anyways, I hope it all makes sense because I’m trying to write as fast as I can and I’m sure I’m leaving something out. Some of us are seeing the same symbolism with what’s going on and coming down the pike. Too bad some haven’t accepted Jesus as their savior because He’s the only one who will save us from any of this.

The point is this….everything is connected like I keep saying. Nothing is happenstance or coincidence. Vegas was the beacon to signal is getting ready to kick off symbolically. These demonic entities are coming and they have been planning this for thousands of years. By the way…beacon popped in my head “randomly” when Vegas happened. I didn’t know what it meant bit since it happened i have seen the word beacon on tv, in papers, on line and even when i left the beach today…a big huge sign that said BEACON. This is a ensign of something that is going to be life changing for everyone. Pray up. Trust is Jesus. Love your family. Its going to get crazy.

And as a side note, there is the Orion connection to the fool and his dog.

Orion and Sirius are the Fool and his Dog…who does this represent in the “physical” form? Jupiter Serapis (Zeus) with his dog aka the hound who guards the gates of Hades. If you were to wonder what part of the world the Fool and his dog would represent, I would say Damascus, Syria. This is where the Temple of Jupiter was located and etymologicaly Syria derives from Sirius. Orion is a symbolic representation of Osiris. Its also said that Isis rode the dog Sirius to show that she has dominion over this star. We see Isis symbolically in Palmyra’s Arch along with Jupiter.

If you understand Islamic eschatology then you know that they believe the Mahdi comes from Damascus after its been destroyed. “From Syria came the worship of several deities, of which Jupiter Heliopolitanus (the local god of Heliopolis; modern Baʿlabakk, Lebanon) and Jupiter Dolichenus (the local god of Doliche in Commagene; modern Dülük, Turkey) were the most important…Syrian statues of Jupiter Heliopolitanus represent the god in a rigid attitude, in the form of a pillar.” We are seeing Jupiter being represented as a pillar, dare I say the 3rd pillar of Freemasonry?

The Temple of Jupiter in Damascus was converted to a church honoring John the Baptist, then in 635 Muslims conquered the church/temple and called it the Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus (Arabic: جامع بني أمية الكبير‎‎, Romanization: Ğāmi’ Banī ‘Umayya al-Kabīr). This is the 4th holiest site in Islam. 

There is a deception in the world that’s now here. Turn your life over to Jesus Christ before your time runs out. The gates of hades will not prevail.

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  1. OMG you just said everything my intuition has been telling me, i already knew all this before i realized i knew it, i think your on the right track, i need your help to figure out whats about to happen and what to do to fight it, we have alot to talk about, I have been left a trail of breadcrumbs that has lead me to your website, its a clue/sign, You are the person i need to talk to, your the person i been looking for, Please contact me back my email is i look forward to hearing from you, i would like to chat with some sort of messenger if you have one… Please get back to me ASAP thank you.. All Praise and Esteem Belongs to Elohim. our Master.
    -Tad Mika’el


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