Elevator going down…

I like reggae. Not going to lie. My last band was a “reggae” band minus all of the weed connotations. I could do without all of the weed, ganja, puff puff pass lyrics in reggae music along with all of the occult and esoteric symbolism. Very rarely do you hear a good reggae band anymore that doesn’t sing about smoking weed (but fortunately they are out there).

When I write something it is normally based off of prior research that is just another piece of the puzzle. But sometimes I just get a feeling and without thinking about it, I just blurt it out. That’s what I did with the “smoking weed is communion with Shiva” comment. It was off the cuff with no prior thought into it. I was as surprised as some of you to see how strong those ancient connections were.

I did this same thing with a band that I like called The Elovators. I had this gut feeling and then a friend of mine mentioned something about them. Probably also having that first instinct gut feeling. I’ve known this band before they had gotten “big” and had a few conversations with them. After I wrote this about them (https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1492720827504131&id=519754571467433) I really started to notice a pattern. In their defense I will say that their first album wasn’t all about smoking weed but you could still sense a new agey bigger from them. Things started to change though. At one point I even asked them if they knew about all of the esoteric symbolism that was in their posters and covers. Oh yeah, they knew and didn’t have a problem repping it.

Above photo breakdown: Meridian is a high point of the day that usually takes place at noon. It is the zenith (point of contact from above) or can also be a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy is said to flow. These are known as chakras in the demonic new age mystical teachings. You will see an example of this meridian in the form of lights on The Elovators “So Many Reason” single cover.

Also notice the vsmoke covering the left eye. The one eye symbolism is a mo brainer, we all know that represents the eye of Horus (the all seeing eye). Looking at the Shiva research we also know it represents his “third eye”. This is the point with all of this research, to get you to recognise and see (pun intended) that smoking weed is connected to the worship of Shiva. Not only in Hinduism but we see this all coming to a forefront in reggae music. Is nothing new, remember that.

Also notice the smoke over her left eye. In my paper on the mist on the Temple Mount, I tell you how way this all represents. Smoke is symbolic of a veil between our natural world and the spiritial realm. “In some esoteric circles, they believe the mist to be a veil between worlds. We saw this in the Stephen King series The Mist where they continuously referenced the book of Revelation (the unveiling) of Jesus Christ. So there does seem to be a connection to the mist being a sort of covering. Remember, the original Hebrew word ed refers to it as enveloping something.” “Remember in my paper on the etymology of the word for ashes in Hebrew was directly associated with a bull or heifer sacrifice? Well you’ll like this one too. The word mist in Hebrew is אד and is “from an unused root meaning to gather, shared by אוּד (a burning piece of wood, a firebrand, an ember).” In English it sounds like ed. It is a vapor or smoke type of mist.” Read the paper here. Once again, all this symbolism in pro-smoking weed bands is just making it easier for me.

So that brings us to now. They released their first single off of their album “Defy Gravity”. Obviously it’s a thumbs up to eastern mysticism and meditation but they also made new stickers with a UFO on it.

We can see where this is all headed. So anyways, they come out with this new age picture for a single and its got this girl with the kundalini chakras gong through her. Not surprised. What I was surprised was that new ager Ram Dass was repping this same picture.

What’s my point? Even when you try to give someone the benefit of doubt and let them plead ignorance on your behalf, they really do know what they are doing. Remember the saying our parents told us? Your known by the company you keep. It’s true with The Elovators.

And I could break down the esoteric symbolism in the photos below but I think most of you have enough discernment to see through it all.

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