Golda Meir: The Sheepest Sheep

The first of “Jacob’s Sheep” was born on the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation*. Most of you understand why an asterix is there. Anyways, a lot of symbolism here in these sheep. I’ll post the stories I did on them last year below. Make sure you gp to The link to understand what is going on here.

“The first Jacob’s lamb was born early, arriving in Ramot Naftali on Thursday morning, just in time to celebrate its birthday along with Israel. Jenna Lewinsky, the amazing woman who accomplished the seemingly impossible task of reuniting the sheep with the Jewish people, gave the little ewe a fitting name: Golda Meir. “It’s an ewe lamb and we thought of the first lady prime minister,” Lewinsky told Breaking Israel News. “The name seems to fit since she is already bossing around the much larger adult sheep.” (


And don’t forget about what else happened on April 19th.

Today (April 19th) is celebrating Israel’s 70th anniversary. In 1775 on this day it was known for “the shot heard around the world”. Paul Revere yelling the British are coming and starting the beginning of America’s “independence” from British rule. But something else happened on this day…the Arch of Triumph from Palmyra was set up for the first time at Trafalgar Square in 2016. Which one of these events had the most spiritual significance? Read my book on the Arch and find out why….

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