The “Catholic” or Universal Sign of the Cross

(Here is another article that came up “missing”. This one is from January of 2017)

The Sign of the Cross

Do you do this? Have you seen someone do it before? This is the “Universal” sign of the cross. When doing this you are opening yourself up to demonic manifestations. Think of it like this, you are unzipping your spiritual cover to allow something into your life. You are opening your spiritual door. This is no difference than chanting and meditation. Matter of fact, I would say this is the lazy mans way of a quick entry for a possible possession. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and don’t let them tell you the Apostles did it. They didn’t. So where did it come from?

“The history of the sign of the cross goes back as far as Tertullian, the early church father who lived between A.D. 160 and 220. Tertullian wrote, “In all our travels and movements, in all our coming in and going out, in putting off our shoes, at the bath, at the table, in lighting our candles, in lying down, in sitting down, whatever employment occupieth us, we mark our foreheads with the sign of the cross.”

Originally, a small cross was traced by the thumb or finger on one’s own forehead. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when the switch was made from tracing a small cross on the forehead to the modern practice of tracing a larger cross from forehead to chest and shoulder to shoulder, we do know that the switch had occurred by the eleventh century A.D., when the Prayer Book of King Henry provides an instruction to “mark with the holy cross the four sides of the body.”

Catholics find support for the sign of the cross primarily in their many years of church tradition and, secondarily, in Exodus 17:9-14 and Revelation 7:3; 9:4; 14:1. While the passages do speak of a sign on the forehead for protection from God’s judgment, they must be interpreted in light of their context. On the basis of their context, there is no reason to believe any of the verses prescribe the ritualistic sign of the cross.

In the sixteenth century, one of the central tenets of the Protestant Reformation was “sola scriptura,” whereby any practice that didn’t line up with Scripture was jettisoned. The English Reformers believed the use of the sign of the cross should be left up to the individual, as was written in the Prayer Book of King Edward VI. “…Kneeling, crossing, holding up of hands, knocking upon the breast, and other gestures, they may be used, or left, as every man’s devotion serveth without blame.” Protestants generally viewed the sign as a tradition that was unsupported by Scripture, or even as idolatrous, and it was therefore abandoned by most.” (

Now there is even an argument among Catholics about the sign. It’s obvious to me that this sign is an inverted cross. There argument against this is that this represents Peter, the first Pope, who was crucified upside down. ( Wrong. This has nothing ro do with Peter or the Apostles. It has everything to do with Lucifer and his inverted cross. I could even argue that a Christian shouldn’t even wear a cross even if its ringside up. But that is another discussion. Now I want you to see that those Catholics who do acknowledge that this is an inverted cross will want to to go all the way down to the belly for the second movement. I would say this is just as bad because this is where a spiritual birth takes place, from the belly of the beast. And notice the picture below, this cross makes a double cross or the mark of Cain. Not good.

If you hadn’t noticed, the Greek Orthodox church makes a pentagram. It’s also been days that this cross is actually a plus sign like the cross of Baal. This would make alot of sense since Catholicism is just rehashed Babylonian Mystery Religion. Do as the Babylonians do as the Romans do. Right? Here is an interesting theory as to where this cross sign came from. This cant be verified but it does make sense. “At the time of Jesus’ trial when He was in to see Pilate and Pilate came out to ask of the crowd what he should do with this man, their answer being “crucify him,” the crowd was so large that those out towards the fringes could not heard due to the distance and the shoutings of others. Because they wanted to have their opinion to be known, they resorted to a visual representation of using their hands across their bodies which could be seen since they could not be heard from such a distance. Knowing how a person is spread out on a cross, they made this visual “signing” as their method of communicating their wish to “crucify him.” That is how the “signing” had it’s origin – or so I have been told. Whether it’s true or not, I do not know, but it certainly fits.” (

It’s never ending blasphemy. My personal opinion is this. Whatever way and however you do it, you are marking yourself and sealing yourself with the cross of Tammuz (Horus), their king. This is so the Catholics weep for, not Jesus. They are no different than the women in Ezekiel that wept for Tammuz. Tammuz, Lucifer, Cain, Baal…It makes no difference which one it is. Its all demonic on the end.

Here is a excerpt from an article that obviously supports the use of this “sign” whichever way it’s done. Use prayer, scripture and discernment to sort this out

“The Sign of the Cross is used by the Church in all things Holy, in the Sacraments, in every blessing, at the beginning and end of her prayers. We should make the sign of the Cross often, but especially when tempted and when troubled and before and after meals. When we make the sign of the Cross we must remember what it signifies, and the obligations imposes on us as Christians. We cannot attach too much importance to the necessity of making this sacred Sign with reverence and devotion. Any Christian who performs this simple act of piety with love will soon see its excellent effects.

It is important to be very careful never to make the Sign of the Cross badly or haphazardly – that is, to make it from habit without thinking. Parents should impress upon their children the importance of this religious practice. The sign of the Cross has been a powerful weapon against great temptations from demons, from the early ascetics down to the present day. The Sign of the Cross is a fundamental element of Christian life – Orthodox Catholic, Roman Catholic, some Episcopalians and high Lutheran. It should be second nature to anyone who claims to be a Christian.

The Sign of the Cross should be automatically used in virtually every situation in our life – when confronted with danger before we eat, when we wake up or before we go to bed, even before we partake of a simple glass of water. This simple act made with reverence might one day save our life or even our soul, depending on the circumstance. In making the sign of the Cross, Orthodox Catholics make the Sign of the Cross by slowly touching the forehead, the abdomen, the right shoulder, and the left shoulder. Until the 15th Century Roman Catholics followed the same style, but now they invert the sign by going to the left shoulder first, then the right. Be careful to being your hand all the way down from your forehead to your abdomen. Many people haphazardly go from their forehead to their breast making an upside-down cross. I have actually observed Roman Catholic, and even some Orthodox Priests haphazardly making an upside-down cross over the host and chalice during Mass. Properly executed the correct way with care and reverence, the Sign of the Cross has tremendous spiritual power.

Here is an article concerning the power of the Sign of the Cross and its power.

Moscow, March 17, Interfax – Scientists have proved experimentally the miracle-working properties of the sign of the cross and prayer.

‘We have ascertained that the old custom to make a sign of the cross over food and drink before a meal has a profound mystical meaning. Standing behind it is the practical use: the food is purified literally in an instant. This is a great miracle, which happens literally every day,’ physicist Angelina Malakhovskaya said as cited by the Zhizn newspaper on Friday.

Malakhovskaya have studied that power of the sign of the cross with the blessing of the Church for nearly ten years now. She has carried out a great number of experiments, which have been repeatedly verified before their results were made public.

She has discovered in particular the unique bactericidal properties of water after being blessed by an Orthodox prayer and a sign of the cross. The study also revealed a new, earlier unknown property of the Word of God to transform the structure of water, increasing considerably its optical density in the short ultra-violet spectral region, the newspaper writes.

The scientists have verified the impact the Lord’s Prayer and the Orthodox sign of the cross make on pathogenic bacteria. Water samples from various reservoirs – wells, rivers, lakes – were taken for the research. All the samples had goldish taphylococcus, a colon bacillus. It turned out however, that if the Lord’s Prayer is said and a sign of the cross is made over them, the number of harmful bacteria will decrease seven, ten, hundred and even over thousand times.

The experiments were made in such a way as to exclude a possible impact of mental suggestion. The prayer was said by both believer and non-believers, but the number of pathogenic bacteria in various environments with different sets of bacteria still decreased as compared to the reference templates.

The scientists have also proved the beneficial impact that the prayer and the sign of the cross have on people. All the participants in the tests had their blood pressure stabilized and blood indexes improved. Strikingly, the indexes changed towards the healing needed: hypotensive people had their blood pressure raised, while hypertensive people had it reduced.

It was also observed that if the sign of the cross is made offhandedly and unscrupulously or placed outside the necessary points – the middle of the forehead, the centre of the solar plexus and the recesses in the right and left shoulders – the positive result was much weaker or absent altogether.” (

I want to add a few other comments on this. Look at the double cross below with the infinity sign. That’s called the Cross of Leviathan. That’s essentially what your doing when doing this sign. You are sealing yourself and making a covenant with Baal. And some Native American Indians knew about making covenants and how to seal them. They did this with a peace pipe. “A ceremonial pipe is a particular type of smoking pipe, used by a number of Native American cultures in their sacred ceremonies. Traditionally they are used to offer prayers in a religious ceremony, to make a ceremonial commitment, or to seal a covenant or treaty. In ceremonial usage, the smoke is generally believed to carry prayers to the attention of the Creator or other powerful spirits. Lakota tradition tells that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought the c’anupa (Lakota sacred pipe) to the people, and instructed them in its symbolism and ceremonies.” (

I bring up the peace pipe ceremony because at one point in my life I was into this type of thing before I had gotten saved. I had gotten a ceremonial pipe and knew the implications of what it meant. It meant just what the wiki article says, “offer prayers in a religious ceremony, to make a ceremonial commitment, or to seal a covenant or treaty”. Now here is the thing about smoking a peace pipe. When it is smoked ceremonially, once you puff off of it you then raise it to your head then bring it to your chest and then go to the left shoulder and then to the right. I realized after a few times that I was doing the same thing that a Catholic would do when doing the sign of the cross. I was told how to do this and was even given a paper explaining how to do it and why. It referenced the four cardinal directions, North-South-East and West, as to why you do this. It somehow represented air, fire, water and land – the four elements. I still don’t understand how that all fit it in but I do believe it was to carry prayers to these “spirits” and to seal a covenant with them.

Now I did come across this quote that confirms what I was shown. “The ceremony of smoking the peace pipe begins with the loading of the tobacco and then the participants sit in a circle. Next is the acknowledgement of the four directions, Mother Earth, and Father Sky. As the pipe is smoked, many tribes believe the smoke carries prayers and words to the Creator, so promises made at the ceremony should never be broken. Then, an offering is made to the Great Spirit by holding up the pipe up with the stem pointing towards the sky.” ( This sign that is done is always done after a person smokes the pipe. We know from scripture that the incense in the Temple represented the sweet smell of prayers going to heaven from the altar of incense. The smell from sacrifices was also represented as a sweet smell to God. Now I don’t know where NA Indians had gotten this ceremonial ritual but it seems to be an inversion of what was offered to the true God of Israel. This is my opinion though.

When you look at the pictures I though it was interesting the a few of the illustrations had the right eye covered when the sign was brought to the head. I know this wasn’t actually covering the eye, I just thought it was interesting they drew it like that. I’ll also add that the left hand is put under the breast when doing this sign. This reminded me of the Freemasonic “hidden hand” and Knights of the Christian Mark. I will post this illustration in the comments. (


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