Arnona Embassy: The Behemoth Tax

So it looks like that The United States Embassy is moving to Arnona, Jerusalem on May 14th. Watch the video below.

Here are a few articles confirming that the Embassy is going to Arnona.

Here is an article from 2 years ago.

“Later on Monday, Israel’s Channel 2 reported that Trump aides have started to scout out possible sites and that the move “was closer than ever.” The report indicated that a possible location for the embassy could be adjacent to the US Consulate building on 14 David Flusser Street, which is located in Arnona, less than 20 minutes’ walk from the site of the former Allenby Barracks.” (

“The Arnona building from which the Embassy will initially operate opened in 2010. It is the newest and most secure US facility in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It has provided, and will continue to provide, consular services to American citizens and visa applicants. Those will continue uninterrupted after the May 14 opening as part of the new US Embassy,” the spokesperson said.” (

The official said, “The Embassy will initially be located in Arnona [in south Jerusalem], on a compound that currently houses the consular operations of Consulate General Jerusalem. At least initially, it will consist of the Ambassador and a small team.” (

“Initially, the opening of a new Jerusalem embassy was expected to take up to three years. In February, the Trump administration said it would expedite the process by converting an existing US compound in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Arnona.” (

And how is this for timing? Look at the shares when I took the screenshot.

And evidently Christian David Parsons was a big player in this move.

When I saw the video above I thought back to King David purchasing the land from Ornan the Jebusite in 2nd Chronicles 3:1.

Then Solomon began to build the house of the LORD at Jerusalem in mount Moriah, where the LORDappeared unto David his father, in the place that David had prepared in the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.

Maybe the names are familiar (Arnona and Ornan) or maybe its because the Jews are pushing Trump to rebuild three temple, and this whole embassy thing is actually related to all of this. I did a whole study on the purchasing of this land in my book “The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place”. You can read the section here.

(Video from David Bass’ R$E YouTube Channel)

Arnona is an upscale neighbourhood in Southern Jerusalem that not only houses the consulate but also the Russian Jews who migrated there during the Aliyah. They took the Diplomat Hotel and turned it into apartment buildings at the time. Since the Embassy is moving back there, it looks as if the Russian Jews will be moved to an undisclosed location. Mind you, these are all elderly people who now reside there. (Watch the video above for more on this)

Arnona is one of the highest points in Jerusalem at 800 meters above sea level. From Arnona you can see the Judean Desert, the Dead Sea, and the River Arnon/Wadi Mujib.

This brings us to the etymology of Arnona. There are 2 theories to what Arnona means and here is the first. The “theory is that it was named for the the daughter of the scholar Ben-Zion Luria, Arnona, who was herself named for the river. The river, Nachal Arnon נחל ארנון – is mentioned a number of times in the Tanach, and some say gets its name from its noisy nature (the root רנן means to be loud, either in joy or in complaint). See below but notice how this word play may be related to a “threshing floor” hence the noisy nature.

The Pre-Hellenistic Israelite Anthroponymy and Prosopography

By Ar Zadok, Ran Zadok

Arnona is an adaptation of the Latin annona (the Hebrew equivalent אנונא or אנונה is found in Midrash Rabbah), meaning “yearly produce”, from annus, “year” (as in the word “annual“). Steinsaltz comments that troops passing through an area would collect food as part of the arnona tax, and this is perhaps a connection to the Biblical halach (“walking”).” (

The etymology of Arnona (as ארנונה) means a municipal tax determined by the size of the property. That’s where this embassy is going up at. I think it’s ironic that the Trump staff picked a place that means taxing a business property or church properties. Once again we have a connection to David doing his census of Israel that had to do with taxes and the name Araunah (2nd Samuel 24) being connected to taxes.

“In a dramatic about-face earlier this month, the municipal authorities of Jerusalem announced their intention to collect back taxes on property owned by churches in the city, totaling 650 million shekels (US$186 million). The city property tax, called arnona, targets businesses and offices belonging to the historic churches in Jerusalem. Houses of worship will be exempt from taxation, but all other church properties will be fair game…

Authorities in Jerusalem already seized hundreds of thousands of dollars from the largest churches in the city, including the Greek Orthodox, the Catholics, the Anglicans, and the Armenian Orthodox Church. More seizures are on the way. According to Haaretz, the Anglican Church in Jerusalem confirmed its bank accounts had been frozen by the city, which claimed to freeze the accounts of other major churches as well.”

The article goes on to say that the coalition of 13 churches has come together to fight this tax. “Jerusalem’s churches have never had to pay municipal property taxes—not under Ottoman, British, or Jordanian rule stretching back hundreds of years. Despite the new measures, the churches intend to keep it that way. In a united front, the patriarchs and heads of churches in Jerusalem—a group of 13 of the holy city’s top ecclesial leaders—penned a letter in opposition to the municipality’s announcement.

“We, the heads of churches in Jerusalem, declare that such a statement is contrary to the historic position between the churches within the Holy City of Jerusalem and the civil authorities across the centuries,” reads the February 14 letter. “The civil authorities have always recognized and respected the great contribution of the Christian churches, which invest billions in building schools, hospitals, and homes, many for the elderly and disadvantaged, in the Holy Land.” (

The other thing that popped in my head about this taxing (Arnona) was Daniel 11:20. And by all means, I’m not saying this is “that” scripture, I’m just saying I find it interesting in the whole scheme of what’s going on.

Then shall stand up in his estate a raiser of taxes in the glory of the kingdom: but within few days he shall be destroyed, neither in anger, nor in battle.

The other theory about the origin of the name isn’t connected to the tax. Many believe it is named for the Arnon river in Jordan, which empties into the Dead Sea, which is visible from the neighborhood as we have seen that it is 800 metres above sea level. “The most common explanation for the neighborhood’s name is its view of the biblical River Arnon, now Wadi Mujib in Jordan, running from the Moab Hills to the Dead Sea.” (

This caught my attention because of what Job says about the Behemoth in Chapter 40 verse 23.

Behold, he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not: he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.

I did a study on the Behemoth of Job and concluded that both the Leviathan and Behemoth of Job represented the first and second beast of Revelation 13.

I had always seen this “draw up Jordan into his mouth” symbolic for the mouth of the Dead Sea. It’s interesting that Arnon where the word Arnona are related. And trust me, I’m not saying Trump is the 2nd Beast or man of sin but I find the placement of the embassy to all of this interesting. These are just thoughts I had.

And here is a comment from someone that is related to some more word play for Arnona. “Perhaps there is a connection of the Latin word ‘annus’ which refers to a year, i.e., the earth’s circuit around the sun, which is something curved. There is another Latin word ‘corona’ (crown) which describes something. curved, or more precisely, something circular, and is related to the Greek word ‘korone’ which also describes something curved. Another curved thing is the ‘corner’ or ‘qeren’ (horn) which is something on the corner of an altar. Thus, per adventure, the name ‘Arnona’ might also describe something that encompasses another thing.” (Anonymous)

The angel of East Jordan

Now something that came up in the news a few days ago, was a story of an alleged “angel” being photographed in East Jordan, Michigan. Once again, its not related but I just find all the connections interesting especially with the mention of Jordan and the Embassy. Here is the article.

It was really clear to me the minute I looked at the photo,” said Pastor Deneille Moes of Jordan Rivers Church. “I just kind of freaked out a bit. I went like, ‘Whoa! That’s an angel!’ And I texted him back, ‘That’s an angel.’ There wasn’t any doubt in my mind that we were looking at something supernatural.” While the logical explanation for the ‘figure’ points towards a moth, many locals remain convinced that they’ve received a sign from heaven.”

Now as always, I’m sceptical that this is something positive and good. I don’t know those people but I do know that the “Pastor” is a woman, which is a no no according to Scripture, and a few things on their FB page rubbed me the wrong way.

Now this happened at Glen Thormans house (who is a fire fighter who goes by Thor) and not the Church but I don’t think that makes a difference. They have refuted that its a moth but not the “mothman”. I agree, its not a moth but may be “mothman”.

This is the man whose property it was on.

And here is a picture from a church members dream.

It just seemed like a intetesting story and timing with the Embassy opening in Jerusalem. It may be a entity but not a good one.

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  1. Something’s up w/Jordan and Trump. I’m blogging now about Trump/Jordan weirdness before tomorrow’s 5/14 celebration. Something sinister is in the air. May G-d be w/us….


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