The Mentally Ill of Lincoln County

This is how ridiculous everything has gotten and flipped upside down. Nothing is even close to sane or “normal”. Nothing. Lincoln County in Oregon has made a directive that says people “of color” do not have to wear a mask for their mandatory mask order. Why? So they aren’t harassed or racially profiled. So let’s put this into perspective.

In Lincoln County, Oregon, O.9% out of the 50k people are “of color”. 90% are white. Lets do a comparison. Taft has 25k people including the surrounding area (Ford City, Taft Heights and South Taft), half of what Lincoln County has. According to the Census website, Taft has 0.7% blacks out of 10k people. Add the surrounding areas, we may hit 1.0%. It is a very very very small minority of black people in this Oregon county that don’t have to wear a mask because of this detective. 90% white, just like Taft. What’s really going on here? A slap in the face to a county similar to Taft or the county health officials are a real piece of work. Which they are. (Reference images above for stats)Go to the PDF and read the “directive” order. ( website:,lincolncountyoregon/RHI225219Who signed this ridiculous law into existence?

Rebbeca Austen:

David Long:

“Meet Clair Hall, formally known as Bill Hall. This is the commissioner in Lincoln county, Oregon who mandated that face masks are required, but only if you’re white.”

Mentally ill. Was I right or was I right?


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