George Floyd Tattoo

I went over this in another blog but will do it again.

George Floyd did NOT have a double eagled Masonic tattoo on his chest representing order out of chaos. Ironically that is what it brought us all, chaos. This eagle is holding a AK 47 with its head going towards Floyds left shoulder with the head pointing down. One head. Not two.In a msm video, the tattoo is scrubbed out. You can obviously see that from other videos. Why? Disinfo. Look towards his left arm pit past the tank top. They missed that part when erasing the image. You can still see the wing. It is there but in other video footage someone obviously “edited” it. It was Photoshopped out for more questions to be raised and disinfo. Sowing confusion.Besides, the Masonic double headed eagle always holds the sword not a gun. Floyd’s tattoo is more along the lines of a military or patriotic tattoo. This makes it all even stranger.

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